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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Friday, 28 March 2008

Agency environmental policies...

... have hit the big time. Yes, Campaign has finally devoted a double page spread to our fine green antics. Ok, so they chose their agencies at random, but it seems like there's something underway pretty much everywhere. So here are some key learnings!

  • St Luke's should be applauded for their 2004 carbon neutral ad (for that eco-angel BT, of course).
  • A green policy is a good "new business accessory". Awesome phrase.
Beattie McGuinness Bungay comment on the ethical standpoints taken by Gen Y recruits. Apparently no-one likes a young whippersnapper telling them they stink of CO2. Euro RSCG has gone carb-neutral in a very dull but effective way. McSaatchi are still trying to think of something interesting to do whilst implementing the "quick wins". Thankfully ,a couple of people are being a bit more interesting: BBh have banned bottled water, and leave a green flag on equipment found unnecessarily turned on; Engine's "Our Little Bit" strategy involves recycled loo roll, and a lot of stickers. My personal fave, though, is Archibald Ingall Stretton, with their staff bicycles and video conferencing.

Wish they'd got a photo of Ketchum's wormery tho...

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Green channels proliferate

Two in one day - I'm impressed. First we had BBC Green, "think big, start small". Promising. Even more promising, a novel alternative to the 'ten things to do to be green' list:

So far, so good (apart from all the smirky green people holding their recycling boxes). Having a flick through an article on CFLs and their weekly green news wrap, and I'm pretty sold. I'm not going to make it my homepage, but it's far from embarrassing.

Ok. Site 2.

As my eye hits the first article, on eco-nappies, I'm slightly concerned this might be for the greener of the yummy mummy sorority (less yummy as they smell a bit of poo). However, it turns out to be a consumer product guide, examining the eco-ness of everything from champagne to silk.

Less sold on this one. I tend to keep any sort of review site at arm's length, having rarely encountered a truly objective and/or useful one. However, whilst griping that the only thing I can find is about 'green' products like ecover, I'm suddenly stunned by a review of Ariel washing powder (one of the 7.5 million brands between which there is very little distinction).

Now, this plays near to my heart. Often have I wondered how I balance the 'turn to 30' against the 'eco-brand'. In which balance can I weigh the two? Well, Smartplanet seems to have done it for me. Quality, value, ethics, and greenness, are all weighed up and culminate in one, decisive score. Ariel, 6.5, ecover, 8.3. Hands down victory.

Now, that's a truly useful site. 10/10.