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Friday, 22 February 2008

10 fun Friday green buys

Courtesy of The Times!
Why not try...

Woven handle bamboo bag
Made of recycled juice packs by a women’s cooperative in the Philippines, I love Doy bags.

Games picnic table
Bit chilly still, but here is a colourful bench that is made from 2000 plastic bottles.

Drinking glasses
Made from Corona beer bottles, cobalt-blue mineral water bottles and Coca-Cola bottles, snazzy drinking glasses from Ecooutlet.

Recycled chain bottle openers
Made from recycled bicycle chain, find them here – like the company name, Rebycle, too.

Jimi wallets
A range of wallets, including leather ones, made from recycled designer belts.

Ipod cover
Designed to protect your Ipod from scratches, these colourful covers are made from recycled plastic.

Handmade lampshades
Made from 100 recycled card and sourced in the UK. Find them here.

Table mat
Made from recycled bottle tops and made in Africa, each mat is unique.

The Nokia Remade
The first handset to be made entirely of recycled waste materials, including rubber tyres, as reported on the Mousetrap Technology blog.

Marmot EcoPro sleeping bag
A four season sleeping bag, made out of used plastic bottles and old fabric, soon to be launched by Cotswold Outdoor. In the meantime, they have a rucksack, called Osprey React, made out of 70 per cent recycled materials.

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