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Friday, 22 February 2008

Walkers walk the walk. (hehehe...)

Not satisfied with examining their own carbon footprint, Walkers are now asking us to improve ours...

"There’s so much to see and do here in Britain, there’s no need to go to the airport. It’s all right on your doorstep – this is just one way you can help reduce your family’s carbon footprint."

Eating crisps gains you points, which you 'bank' online. Earning points gets you discounts on all sorts of good old-fashioned British fun. Like trips to Alton Towers or, for the more violent amongst you, paintballing expeditions.

I like this. It's good and wholesome (apart from the crisp consumption required to earn your treats), and the points barriers aren't too high. The site is very much in keeping with Walkers down to earth tone of voice, and it's a great example of brands talking 'green' in their own way, rather than imposing heartfelt eco-messaging awkwardly on their branding.

Visit the site here

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