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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Anna Shepard asks if companies are making empty promises.

"I have noticed a meteoric rise," writes Anna Shepard in the Guardian, "In the number of press releases that plop into my inbox from Companies Doing Something Green. And yet, when I read them closely, it generally emerges that said company is not doing pioneering pea-green thing, not quite yet, but planning to. In other words, it’s a promise."
And she's right - actions are far more exciting than intentions. That's why I love the fact M&S's plan aims for completion in only 5 years. The government, meanwhile, are looking at 43...

Meanwhile, in an attmept to speed things along, Ethicaldirectory are petitioning the Prime Minister to make Local Councils responsible to collect small businesses waste for re-cycling. To find out more, go here.

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Anna Shepard said...

hi, thanks for posting about my blog, but can I correct you? I don't write for The Guardian; I write for The Times!