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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

The home front.

Greenpeace are a tad unhappy about Brown's nuclear plans. Responding to his CBI speech, John Sauven says:
"The prime minister last week outlined plans to generate twenty per cent of our energy from renewable sources, now just one week later we are back to the old mantra of nuclear power. Declarations like this threaten to strangle the renewables industry before it can even get close to that 2020 target."

Meanwhile, Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute has released a report claiming that homes could make emissions cuts of up to 80%. Amongst other measures, financial support to make changes and appropriate locating of new homes should help achieve this, reports the BBC. The Telegraph reports on a CBI report which claims getting the country back on track for its 2050 commitments could cost just £100 per household. However, nuclear power plays a significant role in this estimation.

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