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Monday, 19 November 2007

Drowning in a deluge of standards


  • The Carbon Trust is offering free workshops to help businesses measure their carbon footprint.
  • A new standard has been launched for sustainable events: BS8901. Read more
  • Innovest has launched a study called Carbon Beta and Equity Performance, which compares the success of companies with and those without environmental risk management plans. Chicken or egg, anyone?
  • IATA has warned the IPCC that any attempt to include airlines in the European emission trading scheme will meet severe opposition.
  • Lucy Aitken writes on Greenwash in today's Guardian. Eurostar's transparency gains them her approval, but GE and the major supermarkets don't fare so well. She also provides a great run-down of some of the key green advertisers and how well they each live up to their promises. Read more.
  • Try a toilet audit to clean up your environmental conscience, courtesy of The Guardian.
  • The new Voluntary Carbon Standard launches today. Read more from the Climate Group.
  • OPEC is promoting carbon capture and storage as an emission-reduction mechanism.

  • Heather Mills isfronting a new campaign by animal rights charity Viva!. The adverts speak out against the emissions created by the meat industry, and promote vegetarianism as a more ethical choice. According to Viva!, livestock are the second biggest cause of greenhouse gases, with a contribution of 18% compared to 13.5% from all the world's different modes of transport combined. But what about beans??? (Sorry, crude I know...)


  • A Green Fiscal Commission has been launched to examine issues of green taxation. Both potential rewards and penalties will fall under the remit of its investigaion.
  • The budget for tackling climate change will be cut by 300 million, due to DEFRA shortfalls, it was announced on Friday. Read more.
  • A new Green Homes Service is to offer audits to help people go green. Hilary Benn comments, "The Green Homes Service will cut through the confusion by providing a one-stop shop, including a green MOT for your home and a green home makeover." Read more.
  • The Independent notes a drop in grants for low carbon homes. Read more.
  • Brown will be giving his first major speech on the environment today.
  • The Working Group on Climate Change and Development claims that climate change will reverse decades of social progress in Asia. Read more.

  • The Independent covers the growing acidity of our seas, as revealed in the latest IPCC report. Read more.

  • Great statistic from the Telegraph: half of the world's carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels come from the half billion richest people in the world. That's about 7 per cent of us. So are the rich really the worst climate criminals? Read more

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