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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

E.ON make green easy.

Today E.ON launched EasyGreen - a new green energy product for businesses which offers 100% renewable electricity.
According to E.ON, EasyGreen provides businesses with renewable and offset electricity solely from wind farms and hydro power stations, with a Climate Change Levy Exemption certificate, and is available to large and small companies' alike

In addition, E.ON will offset the carbon emissions generated from the electricity used through a partnership with Climate Care.

Of course, the tariff is subject to availability. I know several major corporates have had difficulties in the past sourcing green electricity - I wonder just how much e.on will provide? I'm also intrigued about the offset issue- surely that's the point of green energy - you don't have to offset! Anyone want to help me out on that one? I think I'm being slow...

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