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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Those poor folks at M&S.

The research just keeps on coming!
The Local Govt Association has just released a report on supermarket packaging, informing us that up to 40% of packaging in our supermarkets is non-recyclable. M&S, which isn't fairing well in surveys at the moment, was bottom of the table, with only 60% of its packaging qualifying as recyclable. Asda grabbed the leadership position, with 70% of its packaging being recyclable.
An M&S spokesman starred on BBC news this morning, making quite sensible comments about the need to protect food during transport, and the targets the company had set itself. A nice, no-excuses, approach, but it makes me wonder if many corporates need to take a closer look at their targets and start talking about more immediate measures and actions instead. That might stop us all getting just a bit sceptical.

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