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Wednesday, 10 October 2007

The Pre-budget report

Yesterday, the Chancellor announced several measures to tackle climate change in his pre-budegt report.

The creation of an Environmental Transformation Fund of £1.2 billion (to support the demonstration and deployment of new energy and efficiency technologies in the UK and to advance poverty reduction through environmental protection in developing countries) could be positive news for the rising numbers of cleantech companies.

Darling also announced the intention to replace air passenger duty with a duty payable per plane rather than per passenger, from 1 November 2009. Apparently, it will also be distance-linked. Hopefully, this means airlines are less likely to fly half-empty planes. Presumably it also applies to freight?

Reactions from the airlines have been mixed, with the predictably irate rant from Ryanair...

Look out for: publication of the interim report of the King Review on vehicle and fuel technologies which over the next 25 years could help ‘decarbonise’ road transport.

Have a look at the BBC for more info:

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scott redding said...

I'm a bit shocked at how little coverage the King Review has received. It's been drowned in all the debate around inheritance/capital gains tax!