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Thursday, 18 October 2007

Standard Chartered add to the confusion

I've just come across a rather baffling press release from Standard Chartered (sorry if their pr gurus are reading this). They run/sponsor/are in some way involved with The Greatest Race on Earth (so great it has so far passed me by). To this, an 'environmental challenge' has now been added. The bank will be donating $1 million to WWF UK to support vital environmental conservation projects which will benefit the three nations that attract the highest number of environmental pledges per capita.
To pledge, you need to go to their website and check a box to say what you'll do (reuse plastic bags three times a week, or take 1 min less in the shower, amongst other options).
Green gimmickry, anyone? if you won't do it to save the planet, save money, or save face, would this make you?
See The Green Thing ( for a more impressive interactive campaign.

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