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Monday, 15 October 2007

It must be official survey day...

... because the Climate Group have also launched a report on consumer brands, the 'Climate Brand Index'. This new creation claims to track year-on-year consumer perceptions of how brands are performing on climate change.
Interestingly, the index pretty much turns the findings of this morning's report on their head. The top five companies are as follows:
1. Tesco
2. BP
3. The Co-operative
4. M&S
5. Sainsbury’s
Note how both Tesco and The Co-op have overtaken M&S (still my fave), whilst Waitrose is nowhere to be seen! However, this report is based on consumer perception rather than meeting criteria. I'm still surprised, based on what I presumed was a high awareness of the M&S campaign, that it isn't above Tesco - however, presumably there are more Tesco than M&S shoppers out there, a nice captive market for Tesco's messaging.
The report includes some interesting analysis of consumer attitudes:
The research shows that still nearly a third of consumers have not been won over by the need to take action around climate change.  Two ‘tribes’ dominate this group: the ‘unwilling’ (12%) who are accepting of the issue, but not prepared to act, and the ‘rejecters’ (16%) who confidently reject the issue feeling informed enough to do so.
There's loads more detail in the actual report, so go have a look:

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